Give and Take | Prince William County Portrait Photographer

Give and Take | Prince William County Portrait Photographer

Give and Take, that’s the advice my parents gave me when I asked them the secret to having a long marriage. I think they are the perfect people to ask for such advice. My parents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this coming summer. It’s amazing to think about spending 50 years with the same person, your best friend, the father/mother of your children, your supporter, your love. I am lucky to be following in their footsteps with my own 14th Anniversary this summer, which happens to be within a few days of my parents’ own anniversary.

Since it was Valentine’s week I thought I’d blog these images. I took these pictures of them last July during my yearly trip home to North Dakota. My dad recently purchased this 1957 Crown Victoria. It’s similar to the one he drove when he dated my mother in high school. I love that he purchased this car, to recapture his youth. I even had a chance to drive with it’s stick shift on the steering wheel and no power steering. It was a fun feeling cruising down the highway with the windows down. It made me appreciate my more modern vehicle!

Thank you Mom & Dad for setting such a wonderful example for our family. We love you.



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