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09 03 2010

Here are a few more snapshots of my gorgeous little cousin Ariana. I can't get over the full head of hair she has. She let me get lots of sleeping pictures. What a dream baby!

09 03 2010

There seems to be a trend with blue eyes lately. Most of the kids I've photographed have them! This little guy was a huge explorer. We had a great time in Old Town walking around and playing.

19 02 2010

Give and Take, that's the advice my parents gave me when I asked them the secret to having a long marriage. I think they are the perfect people to ask for such advice. My parents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this coming summer. It's amazing to think about spending 50 years with the same person, your best friend, the father/mother of your children, your supporter, your love. I am lucky to be following in their footsteps with my own 14th Anniversary this summer, which happens to be within a few days of my parents' own anniversary. Since it...

08 02 2010

I love the newness of newborns, from their peeling skin to their little chubby rolls. Documenting the little things from your baby's first months are what's important in life. Coming from a mom who has a 7 and 4 year old, I know they don't stay this tiny for long. Thank you Baby L for letting me document your new life.